[Marxism] SWP madness

David Walsh davidrail68 at yahoo.com
Sun May 12 09:00:02 MDT 2013

this was written in "The American Socialist", the magazine of the Socialist Union of the fifties. In the main will give you lots to think about IMO.

 "Well, what about it? Are we to deny that the packing-house worker and the auto worker can and do buy color television, three-taillight automobiles and Chris Crafts to go with their fishing licenses? And if we admit it, shouldn’t we also admit that capitalism is after all capable of satisfying all the wants of the underlying population, allowing for occasional recessions?
I for one do not think so. I for one think that the working class is not having its basic emotional wants and psychological needs satisfied. I for one think that the working class—regardless of whether it is envied by other proletarians who would like to drive cars instead of bicycles, or who would like to ride bicycles instead of walking—is being cheated, swindled, and degraded as ferociously as ever its English counterparts were a century ago when Marx and Engels were anatomizing them. The fact that it may not be aware of its exploitation does not alter the reality of its situation. The fact that, even with an appreciable portion of it presently subsisting on unemployment insurance, its material status is still light years ahead of its European (to say nothing of its Asian or African) counterparts, is relevant only as it sheds a little light on the potential of plenty that would be available to all mankind if industrialization and the accumulation
 of capital were to take place at a rational pace on a world-wide basis."


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