[Marxism] What is the Purpose of Marx's Value Theory?

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sun May 12 14:38:29 MDT 2013

Shane Mage:

> Which, of course, is why Marx sets out the basic theory of value before 
> the chapter on commodity-fetishism. 

Ain't no "chapter on commodity-fetishism."  The section on commodity-fetishism comes at the end of chapter one, as the culmination of the exposition of value.

> The Stalinist economic system had a category of "capital" but allowed it 
> to consist only of *things.* For a "Soviet economist" to say that those 
> "things" were media for exploitation of the waged workers employed to 
> operate them was a sure way to earn a long stay in an "unwaged" Siberian 
> resort. 

WTF, dude?!  Rubin was murdered in the purges!  If you're gonna go ad hominem, at least try to aim for accuracy, otherwise, please do try to reign in your inner-Trotsky.

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