[Marxism] What is the Purpose of Marx's Value Theory?

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Sun May 12 15:09:04 MDT 2013

On May 12, 2013, at 4:38 PM, Angelus Novus wrote:

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> Shane Mage:
>> Which, of course, is why Marx sets out the basic theory of value  
>> before
>> the chapter on commodity-fetishism.
> Ain't no "chapter on commodity-fetishism."  The section on commodity- 
> fetishism comes at the end of chapter one, as the culmination of the  
> exposition of value.
Should have said "section." Otherwise the point stands.
> WTF, dude?!  Rubin was murdered in the purges!

Sorry about that. I should have looked up Wikipedia instead of only  
Erlich's study of the Industrialization Debate in which he seems to  
have taken no part.

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