[Marxism] FBI surrounds Saudi student's home over rice cooker

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If only the EPA was so vigilant in cracking down on the culprits poisoning
rice with arsenic. Unintentional poisoning ranks higher on the leading
cause of death scale than those who died at the hands of people wielding
firearms. The former ranks 5th with 31,758 deaths, with the latter coming
in 10th at 11,493. These figures are from the CDC and FBI for the year
2011, I believe.  Of course, more people die from having furniture fall on
them each year than from terrorist attack. (Atlantic Magazine source off
the top of my head).

"FDA and EPA should address the sources of arsenic in food.
Arsenic-containing herbicides can still be used on cotton; EPA should phase
out this use since the arsenic can get into water and soil.
Arsenic-containing drugs can be given to healthy chickens, turkeys, and
pigs to promote growth and prevent diseases--FDA should prohibit this
practice. And because of this drug use, relatively high levels of arsenic
may end up in poultry manure, which can be used on rice fields as
fertilizer, contaminating the crop. Until FDA prohibits feeding
arsenic-containing drugs to chickens, rice farmers should not use poultry
manure on fields."

"Are some rice products better than others? Maybe. Consumer Reports test
represent a snapshot of the market from which they cannot draw any
conclusions about any particular brands, but they did observe some trends.
White rice grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas generally had
higher levels of total and inorganic arsenic (the most worrisome kind) than
rice samples from elsewhere (India, Thailand and California as a group).

In addition, within any given brand, brown rice had more arsenic than
white, although some individual brown rice samples were lower in arsenic
compared to some white rice samples, possibly due to agricultural practices
or where they were grown. Regardless of rice type and origin, Consumer
Reports suggests adults adhere to the two-servings-a-week consumption
limit. You can find suggested limits for consumption of all the rice
products tested at consumerreports.org <http://www.consumerreports.org/>.

Is there anything else the individual consumer can do? Consumer Reports
suggests that you cook rice the Asian way--rinse first and then cook with
six cups of water to one cup of rice--and pour the excess water off at the
end. Research suggests that this can remove some 30 percent of inorganic
arsenic. In addition, kids under 6 shouldn't drink more than 4 to 6 ounces
of apple or grape juice a day. Consumer Reports tests published this past
that they can contain elevated arsenic as well."


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> FBI surrounds house of Saudi student following sightings of him with
> pressure cooker pot, only to find he was cooking rice
>    - * Student living in US questioned him about pressure cooker suspected
>    to be bomb
>    - * Used to make traditional Saudi dish and taken the pressure cooker to
>    other Saudi friend near his house
>    - * FBI vigilant after Boston Bombers used pressure cooker to make
>    explosive
> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2323316/FBI-surrounds-house-Saudi-student-following-sightings-pressure-cooker-pot-cooking-rice.html
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