[Marxism] The PhD trap

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More than a hundred years ago, William James warned about the dangers posed by the then newfangled practice of universities requiring that professors have PhD degrees in his essay, "The Ph.D. Octopus."  Alas, nobody paid heed to James' forebodings, which have, since then, been more than amply justified.


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Subject: [Marxism] The PhD trap
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Whatever its possessors may say to the contrary, the North American 
doctor of philosophy degree is not so much about scholarly attainment as 
it is about power: sheer, naked, inexorable economic and social power. 
Originally intended as the certificate attesting specialized preparation 
for research in the major scholarly disciplines, it has proliferated in 
an unchecked fashion throughout our intellectual world, becoming the 
mandatory qualification for teaching in higher education, employment in 
research, and advisory work in business and government. Without the 
Ph.D. degree, one cannot now hope to be permanently retained as an 
instructor at most of the thousands of institutions of higher learning 
on this continent, even in the teaching of junior undergraduates. 
Without the Ph.D. degree, one cannot now hope to become involved with 
formal research in most fields at any level higher than that of 
technician or research assistant.

full: http://www.wilfredcude.com/

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