[Marxism] Assad's backers on the left are ignoring reality

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 13 13:17:48 MDT 2013

On 5/13/13 2:26 PM, Lester Schonbrun wrote:
> I claim there is a similarity between reporting of events in Syria and past
> reporting about Iraq, Panama, Nicaragua, Yugoslavia, Libya, etc..  It seems
> to me that Assad is being singled out in the way Hussein, Noriega, Ortega,
> Qaddafi, and Milosevic were.

This is not true, at least with respect to Liyba. Until the Arab Spring, 
there was not much in the way of Qaddafi demonization. I wrote about 
this here:


This was typical:

The Washington Post
November 6, 2007 Tuesday
Oil Wealth Fuels Gaddafi’s Drive For Reinvention

By Ellen Knickmeyer; Washington Post Foreign Service


Brother Leader Moammar Gaddafi still exhorts his people to greatness 
from billboards, banners and murals. But these days a different kind of 
command is driving Libya’s transformation as the newly opened country 
taps into oil wealth: “izala,” Arabic for “raze it to the ground.”

Surveyors are spraying the word in red paint up and down Libya’s 
Mediterranean coast. The orange-vested road crews are tagging for 
demolition the old Libya — low-rise, stucco Libya, sleepy under decades 
of Gaddafi’s socialist economy and international sanctions.

To rise in its place, Gaddafi’s officials say: the increasingly 
capitalist Libya, with new buildings for the country’s new stock 
exchange. Airports to ferry in and out a dreamed-of annual flow of 30 
million oil workers, tourists and other travelers. The world’s 
second-largest port after Singapore. Railways. Highways. Hospitals. 
Schools. Luxury beachfront hotels.

Libyans and Westerners here cite a statement attributed to Gaddafi: 
Libya must destroy in order to rebuild.

“I can’t believe they’re going to do it,” one white-haired shopkeeper 
said this past weekend at his snack shop on the coast road east of the 
capital, Tripoli. “Izala” was scrawled across the front of his sandstone 
shop, marking it for bulldozing to clear the way for a highway.


I an understand why Lester has so little understanding of the press 
coverage on Libya before the Arab Spring or the hostility toward the 
Syrian opposition leader in Foreign Policy magazine.

If your take on these issues is based on a steady diet of wsws.org, the 
PSL, Voltairenet, Global Research, MRZine et al, you would be left with 
no other conclusion. That, after all, is the purpose of propaganda.

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