[Marxism] re 'What to do with the Labor Theory of Value'

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Mon May 13 13:25:31 MDT 2013

Michael Perelman wrote:

'I have a revolutionary proposal. All of us pledge to devote a year to get
together to concentrate on the Transformation Problem. Once we come up
with our solution, all we need to do is to make a public announcement &
declare a socialist society, which nobody could have any grounds to reject.
Organizing will occur via email & the capitalists will have no choice but
to surrender.'

An excellent idea. The idea (as Zizek would certainly say) that we've 
all been waiting for. However, I think there are two points to be noted:
(1) As soon as the correct solution is found, there will be defections 
from the Transformation Problem Cell as comrades rush to make the 
announcement first--- because the stakes are so high.
(2) Nevertheless, no public announcement will be necessary as the masses 
spontaneously will intuit the glorious news and will move immediately to 
seize commodities from the stores to sell them at their value (only just).

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