[Marxism] Neville Alexander's out-of-print books now available

David Walsh davidrail68 at yahoo.com
Mon May 13 13:33:03 MDT 2013

from Salim Vally:

Neville Alexander's out-of-print books now available for download. Message from Karen Press:

Dear Friends

Over the past months many people have asked how they can find copies of books written by Neville that are no longer available through bookshops (if they ever were). The original editions of most of his books are now permanently out of print and thus can't be ordered from the publishers. But Venetia Naidoo and I have made digital (electronic) copies of all these books which are now available. 

Each book contains exactly the same text as the original printed book (with occasional typing errors corrected). 

The books are available as pdf files that can be downloaded from the internet (see below), printed out, saved on a computer, USB stick etc., and generally shared amongst any interested readers. They are entirely free for private and non-profit use. 

Anyone wanting to produce any of the books for sale can contact Neville's Estate at the address given inside each book.

The books are available via Dropbox. To open a copy of any book in your internet browser, click on the Dropbox link for that book, as given below - or copy the link into your browser and open it from there. You can then read the book online or download it and save it on your own computer.

Education and the Struggle for National Liberation in South Africa

Language Policy and National Unity in South Africa/Azania

Three essays on Namibian history

One Azania, One Nation

Robben Island Prison Dossier

Some Are More Equal Than Others

Sow the Wind

I'm sending this email to a small group of people who I'm fairly sure will be interested; please forward it on to anyone else whom you think might want to have the books.

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