[Marxism] Assad's backers on the left are ignoring reality

Dan Weiner dcwein at dcwein.cnc.net
Mon May 13 13:58:09 MDT 2013

And Actually Kissinger with lack of originality stole that from British
Prime minister Palmerston who said that Britain had neither eternal friends
nor eternal foes but eternal interests.
Bourgeois originality I suppose, why make a new statement when you can rip
off a good one one of your class confederates already came up with--smile.

Good day to all,


Dan W.


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On 5/13/13 3:38 PM, Dan Weiner wrote:
> But I remember deamonization of Col. Qaddhafi all the way back in the 
> eighties when Reagan made his ridiculous claims about a team of Libyan 
> hitmen dispatched to the US.
> Anywayone remember, what fond memories of Mr. Reagan and his 
> extravegant statements, like his Evil Empire statement at the speech 
> of Evangelicals in Orlando, my howmetown.--smile.


But that demonization came to an end after he agreed to American demands
over compensating the victims of Lockerbie and to cancel development of
WMD's (not that there was such any efforts to begin with.) Not long after
smoothing things over with the West, he embarked on a neoliberal economic
road just like the kind that Bashar al-Assad had embraced. The bottom line
is that from that point onward, the demonization was suspended. It began
again after the rebels looked like they might win. 
Then the West rediscovered that Qaddafi was a bad guy. As Henry Kissinger
once said, "America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests."

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