[Marxism] Assad's backers on the left are ignoring reality

Lester Schonbrun schonbrun at gmail.com
Tue May 14 14:01:06 MDT 2013

"Cuba exercises realpolitik, something that is understandable for a small,
impoverished, and isolated postcapitalist society."

One could say that "realpolitik" would be to cave in to Great Satan,
because he can and will hurt you.  Cuba has not backed down for 53 years,
and has the scars to show for it.  How many countries, how many
individuals, can say that?  At the very least, their position and their
views deserve respect and consideration.

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> On 5/14/13 2:54 PM, Lester Schonbrun wrote:
>> I've learned from these exchanges that some countries (e.g. Cuba, Iran),
>> and factions close to the action (e.g. Lebanese Hezbollah, Syrian
>> Marxists)
>> see the events in Syria as US-led destabilization, rather than repression
>> of a popular revolution.  These countries and factions have had
>> considerable experience with US-led destabilization efforts, and it's not
>> clear why they would side with Assad, if the opposition is truly more
>> progressive.
> Cuba exercises realpolitik, something that is understandable for a small,
> impoverished, and isolated postcapitalist society. During the student
> protests in Mexico in 1968, the Cuban press did not issue a single
> denunciation of the blood-stained PRI government. This was obviously
> because Mexico stood up for Cuba's sovereignty. While Castro's speech that
> year supporting the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia was filled with
> pointed observations about the flaws of Soviet-style socialism, it was not
> the critique that a Marxist might have made and for obvious reasons. Cuba
> relied on the USSR for economic survival. Also, not only did Cuba maintain
> ties with fascist Spain both before and after the overthrow of Batista; its
> press was careful not to lambaste repression there.
> But none of this should be a model for the radical movement that is not
> under any obligations to supply food, fuel or medicine to millions. Our
> only obligation is to tell the truth.
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