[Marxism] Zombie Politics was There is a huge surplus - in the hands of the rich

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue May 14 17:14:09 MDT 2013

(Apologies I appear to have posted half of this message already)

I was hoping John would post something on the Australian situation and I
welcome the Hillier article.

I feel that we are in a period here in Oz that I would nominate as "zombie
politics".  The people of Australia will in September vote in a right wing
government that will plunge head first into austerity economics and
politics.  Eyes wide open millions will go to the ballot and vote in the
butchers.  The media of course are largely doing the herding of the masses
into the booths.

Yet we have a situation where the personal fortune of just one capitalist,
Gina Reinhart, is bigger than the government's budget deficit.

So a right wing Labor government will make way for a more right wing
conservative coalition. There is an unreal air about it all.  The Labor
Party have clearly given up.  The only question is over the size of their
coming defeat. I personally am betting on a tsunami that will devastate

At the heart of it all is the Labor Party's embrace of the neo-liberal
phase of capitalism with an at times slower tempo than that practised by
the conservatives.  For instance the Labor treasurer stupidly bought into
the crap about the budget deficit begin harmful.  He promised a surplus but
the capitalist class did not pay their taxes and the result was a deficit.

We are though not dealing with "a failure to communicate".  It is not that
the Labor Party has not got the message out.  Rather they have embraced the
centre and the right to such an extent that there is little difference
between the major political parties.  As a consequence politics have made
way for aesthetics and the people are bored with Labor.  "Time for a
change" is now the slogan.  And a change they will get.  We are then in for
a very difficult period politically here.  Queensland has already got a
right wing state government and so that will set the federal-state scissors
to work on us.

The sources of hope must be that the Left which is severely marginalised
can take the issue of regroupment sseriously and sincerely. Perhaps.

Also internationally the struggle against austerity in Europe may yet take
a dramatic pre-revolutionary turn in Europe. Then we would have a very
different game in town. In the mean time we need to keep saying there is an
alternative but that it is a very radical one.  It is not for us to try and
reinvent the social democratic project based on a revival of Keynesianism.
Only the emergence of a strong revolutionary anti-capitalist force will
make Keynesianism attractive to a section of capital.



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