[Marxism] The limited future of MarxMail?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu May 16 04:23:15 MDT 2013

At 17:45 16/05/2013 +1000, Ratbag Media wrote:
>When is MarxMail gonna offer a RSS feed?
>Without it, the list's future is constrained....

"Constrained???" Geez, I had never never imagined that my extolling the
virtues of standard email would ever make me sound "old fashioned." But
even if that's how some would view me, I'm still quite certain that
standard email (practically the oldest internet protocol which has no need
for replacement and continues as an essential service) will remain
important for the rest of my lifetime, but I'd also predict for the
lifetime of the youngest members on this list (but of course if I'm wrong,
I'll never know about it, and you're free to laugh and dance on my grave :-)

>As well: no facebook presence.

And I was going to bring the issue of Facebook myself, but in the opposite
direction. Recently a list member forwarded a Facebook link for an article
which I would have looked at. EXCEPT that when I went to the page it told
me I had to have a Facebook ID and graciously offered to sign me up, which
will absolutely not happen. Now I'm sure the person posting that meant well
and probably didn't realize that he was excluding half of us from reading
the article (or worse, that he was giving Facebook an additional lure to
suck new people into it!). But that shouldn't happen: all URL's sent to the
list should be openly accessible. Articles requiring a subscription should
instead be copied into the email and sent out that way (copyrights

- Jeff

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