[Marxism] The Syrian Regime: Running out of Tricks

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 16 08:06:38 MDT 2013

     [An edited translation from the Azmi Bishara Arabic facebook page]

     What action could a regime conceivably take which this regime has 
not already undertaken? First came the wholesale killing and bombing; it 
now asks to be admitted to the US-led club of states which combat 
terrorism, on the grounds that it battles against Jabhat Al Nusra and 
other similar groups. Only yesterday, its representative to the United 
Nations sought to curry favour with Israeli- and American-Jewish public 
opinion with his statement before the General Assembly when he spoke of:

     “…the destruction of the region's oldest Jewish Temple [synagogue] 
in the Damascus suburbs, and the sale of its contents in markets in 
Beirut and elsewhere by these armed gangs and peddlers of pain. These 
are methodical, barbaric violations of the sanctity of shrines and holy 
places, bringing to mind the destruction of statues of Buddha [at 
Bamiyan] in Afghanistan, and similar actions taken in Tunisia, Libya, 
Mali and Occupied Palestine.”

     Significantly, Syria’s official SANA news agency left out the word 
“Jewish” from its official coverage. Is there a variety of insincerity 
left for this regime to resort to, now that it now knows, officially, 
that the Israelis do not want to see its collapse?

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