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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

[image: RSVP today for June 5th Left Unity
is our great pleasure to invite you to a very important and exciting
the details of which and the participating organizations are listed
below. (Download
a printable flyer

I do not believe it is necessary to talk at length about the need for a
strong left in the USA, how weak we presently are, and the long fractious
history of periods of lack of cooperation among us. This event, with seven
different participating organizations, is not seen as a stand alone
event. It is hoped that it will lead to not just broader discussions but
more concrete steps towards unity of action as well.

With *Mark Solomon* of the CCDS leading off based on his widely circulated
and discussed article in
respondents from Jacobin Magazine, Democratic Socialists of America,
CPUSA, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization, we think this will be a
most interesting initial dialogue. Another unique aspect of this event is
that we intend this to be a relatively brief program. The reception to
follow will be of equal importance so that everyone attending the program
can have an opportunity to interact  with the panelists, *and each other*.

RSVP today!<http://salsa.wiredforchange.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=y23sEn8mEb0PMFwL6xICSOnPs2rBBYcq>(

Looking forward to seeing you there.

In Solidarity,

Larry Moskowitz
Event Coordinator

*The Future of the Left - A Conversation on Socialist Unity*

Chaired by *Pat Fry* – Left Labor Project
Opening remarks from Mark Solomon – Committees of Correspondence for
Democracy and Socialism
Responses by:
    •    *Bhaskar Sunkara*, Editor – Jacobin Magazine
    •    *Libero Della Piana*, Vice Chair – Communist Party USA
    •    *Maria Svart*, National Director – Democratic Socialists of America
    •    *Sendolo Diaminah*, General Secretary – Freedom Road Socialist

Hosted by:
    •    Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism
    •    Communist Party USA
    •    Democratic Socialists of America
    •    Freedom Road Socialist Organization

*With participation and support from: Jacobin Magazine | Left Labor Project
| Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York Office *

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