[Marxism] The limited future of MarxMail?

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Thu May 16 11:18:41 MDT 2013

Jeff wrote

I went to the page it told
me I had to have a Facebook ID and graciously offered to sign me up, which
will absolutely not happen. Now I'm sure the person posting that meant well
and probably didn't realize that he was excluding half of us from reading
the article (or worse, that he was giving Facebook an additional lure to
suck new people into it!). But that shouldn't happen: all URL's sent to the
list should be openly accessible. Articles requiring a subscription should
instead be copied into the email 
<http://www.marxmail.org/msg111674.html#> and sent out that way (copyrights
Agree. I don't sign up for much of anything anymore; it gives more 
hucksters a chance to flood my mailbox with spam, which is already full 
of it, and I don't in any case see any overriding advantage to signing 
up for twitter, facebook or whatever, rather than just relying on plain 
openly accessible email. So tell me what I might be missing.

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