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Fri May 17 09:11:48 MDT 2013

Lou Proyect forwarded a link with the comment:

> We are doomed as a species. Time to make your bucket list.

There have indeed been many news items recently describing
from various angles how precarious the situation is and how
urgent it is to take action now if we want our children and
grandchildren to have a future.  A common thread of most
of these environmental disaster stories is that humankind
has the knowledge and technology to avert this disaster,
the only obstacle is our social relations.

Social relations exist only in our actions and are
reproduced by our actions.  The byline should therefore be
that we must learn to act in ways which do not reproduce the
social relations dooming our species, but foster the needed
change -- and maybe a discussion of those initiatives which
most deserve our support (such as Bill McKibben's
international power shift).  Instead, Lou's joke conjures
the inevitability of the destructive path which our present
social relations have in store for us.  Marx calls this
"commodity fetishism," the view that our own social
relations are inevitable natural forces.

Hans G Ehrbar

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