[Marxism] Counterpunch at a new sexist low, still digging

Dan R proletariandan at gmail.com
Fri May 17 10:02:52 MDT 2013

> The ISO comrades lost quite a bit of credibility on the sexism question
> after Paul Le Blanc decided to go speak at the British SWP conference, a
> measure that Callinicos and company hopes will help bail them out. What's
> worse? Writing a tasteless article or asking a 19 year old woman about her
> drinking habits when she is pressing charges of rape against a top leader
> of her party?

While I happen to lean in your direction on the SWP 'boycott' question, I'm
a bit surprised you'd like a party leadership to be able to control its
members actions in that manner.

And in case you've forgotten, the ISO has publicly spoken out against the
SWP leadership - none of whom will be speaking at our conference this year.
A number of oppositionists - both inside and outside of the party - will be.

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