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Sat May 18 00:32:04 MDT 2013

Fine, we can still read Hegel on the tropical beaches of Chicago. :-)

If the human race had the means to formulate a collective bucket list, we'd
mot be on this situation.

Maybe bungee jumping off the rim of the Grand Canyon . . . without
bungees.  As to who goes first, we can simply agree that humanity should
continue deferring to those to whom it has deferred in the past . . .


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> Lou Proyect forwarded a link with the comment:
> > We are doomed as a species. Time to make your bucket list.
> There have indeed been many news items recently describing
> from various angles how precarious the situation is and how
> urgent it is to take action now if we want our children and
> grandchildren to have a future.  A common thread of most
> of these environmental disaster stories is that humankind
> has the knowledge and technology to avert this disaster,
> the only obstacle is our social relations.
> Social relations exist only in our actions and are
> reproduced by our actions.  The byline should therefore be
> that we must learn to act in ways which do not reproduce the
> social relations dooming our species, but foster the needed
> change -- and maybe a discussion of those initiatives which
> most deserve our support (such as Bill McKibben's
> international power shift).  Instead, Lou's joke conjures
> the inevitability of the destructive path which our present
> social relations have in store for us.  Marx calls this
> "commodity fetishism," the view that our own social
> relations are inevitable natural forces.
> Hans G Ehrbar
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