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That doesn't surprise me, thank you, Louis, for finding all of these
interesting and useful articles.

The problem is that those of us who want to defend Cuba's right of
self-determination are often put in a position where we are called upon to
defend or explain imperfections that,  if it were any other country, we
would be told "well, that's the way the world is".
If it's Cuba, any imperfection is supposed to be attributable to it's
Government--lol--and we are supposed to just sit there with slack jaw while
the charges keep piling up--lol

I live in Florida and have learned to tread pretty carefully, though.

Ironically, there are many Cuban-Americans who actually would prefer
dialogue and just a normal relationship with their country of origin but
they are afraid to say this, just to let you know.

Yours fraternally,

Dan W.


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Life was better in Cuba than it is now for them in economically ravaged


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