[Marxism] Interview with Rayner Lysaght | The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 20 09:31:52 MDT 2013

Rayner O’Connor Lysaght author ‘of The Story of the Limerick Soviet‘ was 
born into an affluent family in North Wales. While a student in Trinity 
College Dublin he became interested in left- wing politics.

In May 1967 Lysaght became a member of the Irish Workers Group a 
Trotskyist political party. Lysaght later left the Irish Workers Group 
and joined the breakaway Socialist Labour Alliance; the Irish section of 
the Fourth International.

In 1972 he was instrumental in organising the Revolutionary Marxist 
Group who along with the Peoples Democracy and the Irish Republican 
Socialist Party called for the legalisation for abortion in Ireland.

Given over 50 years of political activism Lysaght gives his analysis on 
the current developments within capitalism.

This is his story, in his own words.


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