[Marxism] Spain: Unemployment, evictions, corruption, national oppression... For a working-class and socialist solution to the crisis

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Spanish state: Unemployment, evictions, corruption, national oppression...
The king in check, the regime in check
*Contracorriente Nº 36 Special edition*

by : Clase contra Clase (Spanish State)
Monday 20 May 2013

*For a revolutionary constituent process
For a working-class and socialist solution to the crisis*

*In these times, the need is urgent to further the debates and reflections
among the workers, the young people and the  groups of the poor about what
solutions, what alternatives, and what tools we acquire, to get out of the
crisis that is destroying our lives. A minority of capitalists, with their
own corrupt political parties, are making decisions about our lives.  *

Since May 15 [2011] until now, the famous chant, “They don’t, they don’t,
they don’t represent us” is constantly more deeply tfelt by millions of us,
and no wonder...

Because, when the capitalist politicians in Congress approve billion dollar
bailouts for banking or their new law on mortgages, they are voting to
defend those who are confiscating our right to have a home; they are voting
to keep hundreds of thousands of evictions that have led many workers to
suicide and to condemn those who are homeless to perpetual indebtedness.

Because when they approved the labor reform, they voted that thousands and
thousands of families should be without work, under greater uncertainty,
cheap layoffs and the end of historic achievements of the working class.
Because when austerity plans and cutbacks in health care are approved, they
are playing with our health and with our lives; they are leaving us without
hospitals, without stretchers, without basic medical care, if we are on
strike, or if we are not considered “citizens,” like the immigrants.
Because when they approve cutbacks in education, they are voting to leave
more teachers out of work, to close high schools, to take away their heat
in midwinter, to allow firms to enter the universities, to increase the
registration fees, forcing thousands to abandon their studies. They are
voting to restrict, even more, the children of the working class from
setting foot in the departments.

And, to top it all, while they are doing all this, cases are coming to
light showing that this political caste is imposing all these measures
because it is tied to the big businessmen and bankers, by a thousand and
one links of corruption, bribes and old-boy networks.

This minority of capitalists, through its own political parties, is making
decisions about our lives; we, the majority, the working class, are living
through a tragic present, and the young people [will experience] a dark

Does anyone doubt for whom they are ruling? What can this regime, born from
the “exemplary” Transition of 1978, Franco’s heir, with a parasitic
monarchy that believes that we are its buffoons, offer us? A regime that
denies the nationalities the right to decide and imposes a sacrosanct unity
of Spain, defended by the army and the crown. That finances another
reactionary institution like the church and gives it permission to
interfere in our lives, and now it wants to make us also retreat from
essential democratic rights, like the right of women to decide about their
own body. With a legal system that does not hesitate to endorse evictions
or prisons for those who struggle, but leaves  Urdangarín and every corrupt
politician unpunished. A repressive regime that supports the impunity of
the criminals from the dictatorship, and also those guilty of state
terrorism, torture and political repression employed in  the democratic
stage, through scandalous reprieves, at the same time that it is
criminalizing and repressing those who are in struggle now...

More at: http://www.ft-ci.org/article.php3?id_article=6396

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