[Marxism] Don't Get Sucked Into Obama Scandal–mania | The Nation

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue May 21 08:08:15 MDT 2013

And the fascists.

I've found myself increasingly disgusted and impatient with the American
"progressives" who support or soft-pedaled their way around Obama.  You
have an administration that's claimed a rightful authority to set aside the
Constitution, law, and due process when the innovations of a totalitarian
state are more convenient to them.  That they aren't acting on these things
as widely as they could is poor consolation.

And I hear the "liberal" and "progressive" folks all too often saying, as
one old friend did to me the other day, that it was necessary to make us
safe from people who want to do us harm, the authorities being  trusted
blindly on everything.  Where, one wonders, will they draw the line?


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