[Marxism] Geneva Conference

Samuel Bennett sjb543 at hotmail.co.uk
Tue May 21 08:49:49 MDT 2013

> > Interesting FT today reports Qatar and Saudis competing to pour support to
> > Assad's opposition.
> I don't have any direct source of information to settle this, but that
> statement doesn't quite square with what the BBC reporter mentioned in
> passing a couple days ago. That correspondent was explaining the rebels'
> increasing lack of arms forcing them into tactical retreats from areas
> they had held. He said that Qatar had ceased supplying arms to the rebels
> under pressure from the US.

FT says the same:

'However, it is difficult to point to rebel brigades that are exclusively Qatari-funded or backed. Ahfad al-Rasoul, for example, is also thought to be receiving support from Saudi Arabia. Equally, the erratic and limited nature of weapons shipments means that even recipients of Qatari support are not always aware of Doha’s role. Mahmoud Marrouch, a young fighter from Liwaa al-Tawhid, the rural Aleppo group that is believed to have been a major recipient of Qatari arms, says Qatar is like the rest of the world – promising weapons but not delivering. What the fighters have, he says, was seized from regime bases, or purchased on the black market. “The Qataris and the Saudis need a green light from America to help us,” he adds.'

i.e. not much to learn from Qatar's opportunistic and probably ultimately ineffectual intervention. This is not a war between Assad and Al-Qaeda or Qatar, however much some want to believe.


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