[Marxism] on the left's use of the term "Islamophobia"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 21 10:52:00 MDT 2013

On 5/21/13 12:42 PM, Dennis Brasky wrote:
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> "It is essential to fight racism and prejudice against Muslims. But because
> the term "Islamophobia" echoes the worldview of the Muslim Right, it does
> more to confuse the issues than clarify them."
> http://portside.org/2013-05-20/unpacking-idea-“islamophobia”

Unpacking the idea of “Islamophobia”

The term “Islamophobia” is everywhere, but its meanings work at cross 
purposes - to liberals, it refers to discrimination and hate crimes that 
can be addressed through existing laws, but to fundamentalists, it 
refers to offenses against religion that must be addressed through 
censorship or death.

Merdith Tax
50.50 Inclusive Democracy
May 20, 2013


Second, many of the arguments made by Sahgal, Bennoune and their 
supporters, such as CCR board member Meredith Tax, have articulated 
their concern this way: yes its wrong for the US to kill and detain, but 
its also wrong for AI, CCR, and the ACLU to defend these people and call 
attention their abuse because they, in turn, have called for the death 
of innocent people (al-Aulaqi) and have a terrible track record on 
gender and other issues.  On her blog, Tax writes, “I hate the idea of 
drone strikes against anyone, not just US citizens.  But I was very 
uncomfortable about the idea of defending al-Aulaqi at the same time 
that he was publicly calling for the murder of a woman cartoonist in 
Oregon, among others.” (8)  So, is Tax arguing that it is wrong for CCR 
to challenge the US state to kill people because those people call for 
the death of a woman cartoonist?  Conversely, is it then allowable for 
the US government to kill him? Because if it were not for the public 
challenge by groups like CCR and the ACLU, the US would already have 
attempted and kill al-Aulaqi, and they might still do so.

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