[Marxism] blaming the yahoos

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed May 22 10:39:30 MDT 2013

Shortly after the deadly West, Texas explosion, the New York Times ran an
article basically blaming the tragedy on the ignorance and greed of
dim-witted Texans who are against gummint regyoolation.

Today the Times does the same for Oklahomans, blaming their ignorance and
greed for the lack of sufficient below-ground shelters which would have
saved most from the tornado:

In the midst of this, the late Neil Smith's classic article, "There's no
such thing as a natural disaster, is thankfully circulating again:

In it he exposes the class and race dynamics behind such events (and points
approvingly to far superior measures taken in Cuba).

I think the Times' mockery and blaming of benighted Southerners is part of
this picture worth noting. The system needs poverty -- and crime and
ignorance and greed -- to function on an everyday basis. And as a
corollary, it needs the behaviors of those thrust into such positions,
positions which can't help but produce seemingly irrational behavior, to
lay the blame on. (cf. Obama's recent speech blaming Blacks for their own

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