[Marxism] Israel and imperialism, out of Syria. Down with the Assad dictatorship. [Troskyist Fraction]

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Down with the Assad dictatorship
Israel and imperialism, out of Syria

by : Claudia Cinatti
Saturday 11 May 2013

In less than 48 hours, the State of Israel launched two rounds of aerial
bombardments against military targets on the outskirts of Damascus,
allegedly to prevent a quantity of more sophisticated missiles, of Iranian
manufacture, from reaching Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militia that
defeated Israel in the last Lebanon war, in 2006. Although Israel had
already bombed Syrian territory in January of this year, the scope of these
bombardments was much greater, just like their repercussions.

Although Netanyahu’s government did not openly take responsibility for this
real act of war, US President Barack Obama quickly vindicated the State of
Israel’s right to defend itself, given its proximity to Syria and Lebanon,
and he implied that the United States approved of this “preventive attack”
against Syria.

The opposition to the Assad regime was divided, in view of the attacks.
While the Military Council of Damascus called for taking advantage of the
Israeli strike, others used them to charge that Assad’s regime was strong
in internal repression, but powerless in front of the Zionist attack. The
response of the pro-imperialist opposition, that has been asking for US
military intervention, was utilized by Assad to try to justify his
repressive policy, by using the theory that it is not a matter of a
legitimate popular democratic uprising, but a Western conspiracy to
overthrow him and weaken the resistance against the Zionist state. Given
the historical importance that the Ba’ath Party regime has had, for
supporting the stability and security of the State of Israel, despite being
technically at war with the Zionist state, which keeps the Golan Heights
occupied, the regional extension of the Syrian civil war to neighboring
countries like Lebanon threatens to create a regional conflict of maximum
significance; in the context resulting from the failure of the United
States in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and from the changes that
occurred with the Arab Spring, the regional order, that serves the
interests of imperialism, is in question...

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