[Marxism] Rios Montt will still face justice - and so should Henry Kissinger

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Thu May 23 03:42:26 MDT 2013

I had the privilege of getting to know Van Gosse when we both worked with
CISPES. I'm not surprised the guilty verdict was overturned, but man am I
pissed. The current president of Guatemala was a military officer involved
in the massacres, according to Allan Nairn.

I was also fortunate to get to know some of the survivors of the genocide
while doing fieldwork in south florida, Kanobal Mayans from the
northwestern highlands of Huehuetenango who ended up in the migrant stream.
They even managed to smuggle out a marimba, which became a symbol of
cultural survival.

A few of us filmed a documentary of their collective story which was later
shown on statewide florida pbs. The Catholic church and the AFSC hired
lawyers to help take depositions in preparation for their political asylum
bids, which they eventually won.

I still remember the day a few journalists from the Herald helicoptered in
to interview some of the survivors. The children were playing out behind
the church. Some of the nuns had organized classes for the kids, and Paul
Newman had even donated a school bus. As the helicopter approached the
church, the children immediately scattered and ran into the brush to hide.
They were obviously traumatized. Later on, we brought in a child
psychologist from Harvard, Neil Boothby, who had studied with Robert Coles.
Boothby turned to art therapy, coaxing the children to draw pictures of
what they had experienced. Most of them involved helicopters strafing
villages and dropping bombs.

The year I spent there changed me forever. I left graduate school, moved to
NYC, and began working full-time for CISPES. Whenever I think of the
experience, I still get emotional.


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