[Marxism] SWP statement: Don't let racists divide us after Woolwich attack

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Thu May 23 05:41:23 MDT 2013

Racists and right wingers are trying to use yesterday's horrific killing in south London to divide working people and whip up hatred of Muslims. It is crucial that we stop them. We must not allow this to be exploited to generate racism or to give a boost to the far right. We need unity against racism, and unity against the Tories. The US and Britain have murdered hundreds of thousands of people in the "war on terror" over the past 12 years. The killing in Woolwich is not the way to fight it. The millions strong movements against the war in Iraq and broad mass mobilisations against racism and fascism show this is possible. 


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