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> This is a good essay. It speaks the truth about restaurant work. One of my
> sons is a chef, and the other two work in the food industry as cooks and
> manager of a pizza shop. I get pretty disgusted when I hear people talk
> about the glamor of restaurants. One person I know went on and on one
> evening about how the work in a fancy restaurant was like a symphony. I
> wanted to slap her across the face for such stupid bullshit. Cook your own
> fucking food! My sons are always getting burned and cut, and the work is
> stressful beyond words. They have great skills, and most of us could do
> this work for a single shift. Yet, we just order our food and never think
> about what is happening in that kitchen. Plus wage theft is common, and
> unpaid hours are the norm. At least when some drunk college kid gives my
> one son a hard time late at night, my son might just grab him by the shirt
> collar and throw him out the door. Watch the regular cooks on the show
> Chopped and listen to how much that $10,000 prize means to them. Fuck every
> celebrity chef and fuck all the "foodies" too.
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