[Marxism] The north of Ireland: war's over, repression continues

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu May 23 21:56:26 MDT 2013

The new political dispensation in the north of Ireland, we are told, means
an end to the bad old days of discrimination against the catholic and
nationalist population in jobs, housing and voting and the armed conflict
that resulted from the discrimination. The “peace dividend” has,
supposedly, also brought an end to the repression meted out by the British
state to republican communities and republican activists. A number of
recent cases of imprisonment, including several without charges or trials,
suggest the reality is somewhat different.
Take the case of Newry political activist Stephen Murney. Stephen is the
local spokesperson for the socialist-republican organisation éirígí. He has
been to the fore in opposing, exposing and organising against the heavy
policing in this working class, largely nationalist city. This, and the
broader activities of eirigi in fighting for workers’ rights and against
the continuing British presence and partition of Ireland, made Stephen a
target for the cops. (As part of the new-look six counties the much-hated
Royal Ulster Constabulary has been  full at:

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