[Marxism] The Silent Death of the American Left

Rob Parker birdlives87 at gmail.com
Fri May 24 12:53:15 MDT 2013

Not that a healthy degree of pessimism isn't sometimes called for, but
excuse me?

Occupy; the Chicago teachers' strike; the walkouts and strikes at
McDonald's, Walmart, and other entities once considered un-unionizeable?
And at this moment, coal miners from WV and other areas economically and
politically ensnared by the energy companies are in St. Louis demanding
that Patriot Coal fork over the benefits and pensions they were promised.

It's true that these instances are not really associated with some official
all-encompassing Left brand, and there's no guarantee that a new mass
movement will emerge as a result. Yet, to write as if there is absolutely
no organized resistance  being offered against the ever increasing
neoliberal assault seems a bit disingenuous and not a little insulting to
those who are actually making things happen.

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