[Marxism] bluff, bluster, and bullshit at CounterPunch

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 25 07:09:02 MDT 2013

On 5/25/13 8:53 AM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
> so now we know which side you're on:
> * on the side of those fighting against sexism if the perp is someone you
> hate (the SWP UK)
> * on the side of those perpetrating sexism if the victim is someone you
> hate (the ISO)

You are out of your mind.

Ruth Fowler's attack on Angela Jolie or CP editors using the word "tits" 
is on the same plane as a revolutionary socialist group allowing a top 
leader to get away with rape?

My guess, after many years of studying sects, is that Socialist Action 
and ISO are playing ball right now. I of course advocate that sects try 
to work together even though it will always amount to dogs playing poker.


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