[Marxism] Imperialist powers go in to battle for spoils of Syria's revolution

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sun May 26 00:10:53 MDT 2013

I have to disagree with the description of the current rebellion against the Assad government in Syria - being described either resilient
or of a revolutionary character, as this recent email below shares with this List.

Both these assumptions are based more on hope and reading crystal balls and false projecting to know the future and not the eventual
 likely outcomes of this struggle.  It is a bloody mess with the Syrian poor most suffering at this point.  Of course the poor are always
the most to suffer in any conflict, which is recognized by all on this list, but the problem now is with less real options for them from 
when this conflict deepened three years ago by the unpopular Bashir al-Assad's repressive measures to retain power.
What is real is the apparent disturbing involvement in large numbers of reactionary religious fundamentalists, many from outside
Syria who want to establish an even more repressive state than the one currently led by Bashir al-Assad and the Bathists Party 
that he rules over.

I see no significant left wing opposition at this time that would replace the Bathists removed from power.  Instead I see an
armed organized right wing Wahabi Sunni forces in much better position to take power and to then likely repress the left who 
hope for this being a revolution. But this looks more each day as a rebellion led by religious fanatics who might very well give
Assad a chance to actually stay in power, with many Syrians not seeing either choice of Assad or the Qatar/Saudi monarchist
religious fanatics - as something to risk supporting.

The U. S. imperialists supported such religious fanatics before and of those forces aligned with the Saudia Arabia, Qatar, etc.
monarchies, but never for the interests of working people in nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now Syria.   

The current "revolution"/rebellion has a lot of support still from outside Syria, but not from leftist sources - there is no real
organized international Left support for the small isolated Syrian leftists.  The international support is for either the reactionary 
religious based rebel militia groups or those supporting the Bashir al-Assad led government.  But no left groups appear from my
sources to be seriously aiding any Syrian left groups.

A dismal reality is becoming clearer and what is looming closer is hardly "resilient" for a socialist Syria government being established -
just more blood with no real change or chance for Syrian workers coming to power.  There is no current organized Syria Left that can 
take power I fear - that is the very real sad reality.  There has been no successful Syrian Revolution and using the term "spoils" of such
a "revolution", is both misleading and pure fantasy.  There has only been great pain and blood shed of Syrians, not "spoils"!   The only
"spoils" winner might be Israel, with a militarily and economic weakened Syria.

> From: en.passant at bigpond.com
> Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 12:55:02 +1000
> Subject: [Marxism] Imperialist powers go in to battle for spoils of Syria's	revolution
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> The Syrian revolution has few friends writes Simon Assaf in Socialist Worker UK. Western powers want to tame it, Russia wants it crushed, and none of them want it to succeed. But despite recent defeats, it remains resilient. There are few illusions left in Syria. The revolution is learning the bitter lesson that it can only rely on itself. 
> http://enpassant.com.au/2013/05/26/imperialist-powers-go-in-to-battle-for-spoils-of-syrias-revolution/


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