[Marxism] Spain: Two-party system in trouble

David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Sun May 26 03:14:52 MDT 2013

On 26/05/2013 9:51, Stuart Munckton wrote:
> However, the other main trend is the continuing rise in distrust with party
> politics of any type. According to Metroscopia, 54.2% of those interviewed
> were either undecided (20.8%), would not bother to vote (25%) or would
> spoil their ballot or leave it blank (8.4%).

First off, it's undeniable that the system is in a crisis of legitimacy. 
Institutions which were hitherto untouchable and which the press treated 
with veneration, like the monarchy, are now also increasingly contested. 
The notion of the "political class" has got a strong hold on the popular 
imaginary, as a set of parasites who do nothing and undeservedly leech 
from the country's finances.

Still, people's inner convictions don't always manifest very clearly in 
surveys. This is especially true in Spain, where surveys routinely 
mispredicted election winners. So from those people who claim to be 
undecided, won't vote or will vote blank or null, chances are that a 
large subset is made up of voters for PP or PSOE which are, each for 
their own reasons, ashamed of supporting those parties. In particular, 
because of Spain's past with the dictatorship, many don't like to admit 
to voting for the right. Of course surveys take this into account and 
adjust direct intention to their forecasts.


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