[Marxism] Sport, racism and Australian society

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Sun May 26 04:16:55 MDT 2013

Only overthrowing the current system can abolish the racism inherent in society, racism that breaks out regularly in football in Australia. That doesn't mean waiting for the revolution. It means fighting racism in all its forms here and now. It means defending refugees, defending Aborigines, defending 457 visa workers and making demonstrations for freedom and justice bigger and better, dogging Abbott and Gillard wherever they go and challenging the very system that produces the sickness in society that is the racism of capitalism. It means supporting workers who have come here from across the globe who are in struggle and challenging the rule of capital. And it means building an organisation that links the various oppressions that arise to their underlying cause - capitalism. That is what Socialist Alternative in Australia is trying to do. Join with us in the fight for a world free of racism. 


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