[Marxism] Abandoning the iconographic imagery and language of "revolution"

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun May 26 14:37:56 MDT 2013

Well, there's nothing special about "revolution." . . . .  Over the years,
we and our predecessors have been in the forefront of advocating "liberty,"
"freedom," "republic," "democracy," etc. only to have the capitalist
expropriators themselves expropriate the language.

We need to start seeing these issues as part of a bigger set of problems.
In America, we have a political game where nobody is going to be accepted
as "serious" unless they are willing to "preserve, protect, and defend the
Constitution of the United States" by execitive kidnapping, torture, and
murder of anyone perceived as an obstacle to the Will of the Fatherland.
And everything from Fox News to the apologists for the current president
claim to speak for the ordinary working people . . . as opposed to those
damned middle class intellectuals who know how to spell fancy words like
"Marx."  And, while they don't talk much about global warming, but
everything up to and including everything from fast food companies to auto
companies and the oil industry are offering all sorts of "natural" and
"green" and "environmental friendly" products.

So it goes.  :-)


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