[Marxism] bluff, bluster, and bullshit at CounterPunch

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 26 17:34:21 MDT 2013

On 5/26/13 7:09 PM, aaron s. amaral wrote:
> Louis, if you think this issue is simply about the use of the terms "tits"
> you're either profoundly deluded, or simply and opportunistically lowering
> your head and tail awaiting the immediate, affirming ass-sniff of your
> fellow CP pack-members...Watching this thread unfold, the safe bet is on
> the latter

Frankly, I have nothing to add on the issue so that is why I have not 
posted anything, just as was the case with Roman Polanski. What disturbs 
me on both fronts is the moralizing by the ISO that is sending Paul Le 
Blanc to the SWP conference to help them seem more palatable to the 
celebrities you chase after. Frankly, you two groups deserve each other 
especially since you stick with the boneheaded notion that "Leninism" is 
a viable project.

> For all your denouncing of the Zinovievites, you grow ever more reckless
> and petulant in the role of independent, axe-grinding
> sectarian...dialectics in motion.

Whatever. If you cared that much about the fucking issue, you'd write 
something rather than handing down fatwas against Jeff St. Clair. I got 
a taste of that during the Vivek Chibber bullshit. You people have no 
right to demand apologies, retractions, or confessions from anybody. A 
gang of 25 year olds who never led a major struggle anywhere in the USA 
speaking from on high. What an embarrassment. Of course, you'd never get 
the slightest notion of how other people view your sect because you have 
the same mentality as any other close-knit group that sees itself as the 
salvation of the planet earth.

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