[Marxism] bluff, bluster, and bullshit at CounterPunch

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 26 19:52:17 MDT 2013

On 5/26/13 9:15 PM, Dennis Brasky wrote:
> “Paul LeBlanc speaking at the British SWP conference, Vivek Chibber, a gang
> of twenty-five year olds …” "Bait and switch" is as good a term as any to
> describe creating smokescreens as diversions from the issue.

Enough already. We get it. You are unhappy with CP.

But unless you write something of substance, then just stop wasting 

I doubt that I will find the time to get into the science of genes and 
preemptive surgery but I should remind comrades that I used to be a 
database administrator at Memorial Sloan-Kettering during which time I 
made a fairly serious attempt to get up to speed on cancer as a disease, 
particularly the social and economic implications.

Two books I would strongly recommend:

Samuel S. Epstein "The Politics of Cancer"

Robert N. Proctor "Cancer Wars: How Politics Shapes What We Know And 
Don't Know About Cancer"

Proctor's book is especially useful in taking up the ties between 
genetic predisposition and environment. I don't challenge the wisdom of 
women who can afford genetic testing to have such a procedure done, but 
unless we do something about the environment cancer will remain an epidemic.

Given Angela Jolie's celebrity, the least thing you would expect is a 
mention of phenomena like "cancer alleys" that the disgusting Gina 
Kolata (sister of the late Judy Bari) has done everything to cast in 
skeptical terms.

Finally, I just want to remind comrades that there are plenty of things 
in CP that I disagree with but the idea of organizing a fucking campaign 
to get Jeff to do a Maoist-style self-criticism is extremely stupid. The 
substance of Ruth Fowler's article has to be engaged and her decision to 
use the word "tits" has to be accepted on its own terms--namely the 
vocabulary of a female journalist who has pushed the envelope of what is 
expected of women her entire adult life. I think it speaks well of CP 
that it can provide a platform for him, as well as people like Arno 
Mayer, the preeminent historian of the past 50 years in my opinion.

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