[Marxism] regarding St. Clair's article on the US left

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Mon May 27 05:57:24 MDT 2013

 "Nothing has been the same since. The Left waged successful campaigns
against US support for apartheid, but hardly bothered to oppose the US
invasion of Grenada. It was also fairly successful in opposing US support
for the Contras in Nicaragua and the bloody regime killing thousands in El
Salvador and elsewhere in Central America. Unfortunately, their activities
did not foresee the creation of an extralegal funding process for the
Contras or the emptiness of the legislation against the human rights
violations of the El Salvadorian government."

As if all the left did regarding El Salvador was lobby Congress? We had a
national organization raising material aid for the mass movement in the
Salvadoran cities, monthly solidarity delegations, which provided
organizing funds and protective accompaniment to people on death squad
lists, as well as organizing national and regional demonstrations against
the wars in Central America. We even raised money for underground medical
units run by the FMLN. The FBI harassed and tried to intimidate, engaging
in illegal break-ins and surveillance. Meanwhile, the state security organs
looked the other way while Salvadorans affiliated with ORDEN attacked us
inside the USA.  A few of us paid the ultimate price, along with thousands
of Salvadorans.

Jeebus, at least get the record straight.


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