[Marxism] bluff, bluster, and bullshit at CounterPunch

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And Anne Feeney has had her own battle with cancer. The last news I heard
was that she was cancer-free, but it has taken a terrible toll on her,
physically, emotionally, and financially. I'm fighting cancer myself, though
I'm not nearly as sick as Anne has been. However, I am fighting it with diet
and immune system boosting, because I don't have health insurance, and the
conventional treatments for me (leuprolide injections) are way more than I
can afford on my own. I need to hold out for two more years, and then
Medicare will kick in. And who knows? Maybe starving the malignancy of
refined sugar and animal protein (cancer cells like the amino acid leucine,
which is found in high quantity in meat, fish, and dairy products), will
work better and have fewer untoward side effects. Anyway, I'm hoping Anne
and I both are able to attend the Great Labor Arts Exchange at the end of
June, south of Baltimore. She's an inspiration! ~Tom

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Here's Anne Feeney's 1991 song relevant to this discussion. 

Dan Scankan

Anne Feeney - National HealthCare Now! - YouTube

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