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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 27 16:14:24 MDT 2013

The CAADP runs a biosciences network, funded by the Bill and Melinda 
Gates Foundation with central infrastructure in Burkina Faso, to 
research crops and livestock. To promote mass cultivation of food, CAADP 
leads a Fertilizer Support Programme that will facilitate a “substantial 
increase in the use of fertilizer in Africa by 2015.” The CAADP also 
encourages new fisheries to combat food insecurity, a structural 
adjustment that brought many serious problems in India.

Apropos Monsanto, the intention of the New Alliance is stated clearly in 
a recent document released by the G8 on the New Alliance’s objectives in 
Tanzania: the New Alliance focuses on “implementing domestic seed 
policies that encourage increased private sector involvement in this 
area.” With Monsanto standing in for the private sector, there is every 
indication that these domestic seed policies will favor GMO crops, as 
well as the creation of new GMO hybrids. In India, such policies led to 
the notorious patenting of Basmati rice and the devastation of 
traditional seed-saving practices.


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