[Marxism] Viable book link re my just sent Medgar Evers piece

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at hunterbear.org
Tue May 28 10:46:18 MDT 2013

Without going into detail at this point, we have had some very recent and strange doings around our far up Idaho house at night which are obviously not friendly.  Some of this has gone on for years but it has increased of late.  It has also involved, as it so often has, seemingly inexplicable computer glitches.  Although very carefully placed by me, the link to my Book Page doubled itself after I sent it.  Here is the viable link:

For a quite full, first hand, and very detailed discussion of the rise and development of the massive Jackson Movement of 1962-63, including its external life and its internal dynamics, see the expanded and updated edition of my book, Jackson Mississippi: An American Chronicle of Struggle and Schism, 272 pp., recently issued by the University of Nebraska Press.  http://hunterbear.org/jackson.htm

We keep fighting.  Hunter (Hunter Bear)

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(much social justice material)

See Hunter Bear's very extensive Movement Life Interview, done
by Bruce Hartford of Civil Rights Movement Veterans:

See the Stormy Adoption of an Indian Child [My Father]:
(Many photos.)
For the new and expanded/updated "Organizer's Book," 
JACKSON MISSISSIPPI -- with a new and substantial 
introduction by me. This is the 50th Anniversary
 of the massive Jackson Movement of 1962-63. 
http://hunterbear.org/jackson.htm   And see the related

See my Community Organizing "Mini-Course" -- with 
much down to earth how-to material and updated:

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