[Marxism] Baathist use of chemical warfare

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Tue May 28 11:33:24 MDT 2013

On Tue, May 28, 2013 04:32, Eli Stephens wrote:
> Not to worry, Louis. John McCain visited the troops today, the EU dropped
> its arms embargo, and soon you'll have your wish of a full-scale
> imperialist
> assault (or imperialist-backed at the very least) on Syria.

On Tue, May 28, 2013 07:37, Richard Menec wrote:
> **WTF is this?  Whom here wishes such a thing?  Are you fucking nuts?

Oh my, you must be new on the list! Well to answer your question, yes the
writer of those words could well be called "nuts," but is (probably)
mentally competent by ordinary standards. Just as a religious person who
sees a natural disaster and imagines it was caused by an "angry god" who
must be prayed to, is not generally considered insane even though that
interpretation of reality is surely "nuts."

But being new on the list, perhaps you're wondering why I or others aren't
sending detailed refutations to these delusions. It's because we already
have responded to the same charges repeatedly, but evidence from the real
world has no effect on those who started with certain conclusions and have
spent the last 2 years trying to find "evidence" for what they already
"know" is true.

A case in point: the same person sent to this list a flier published by
PSL which claimed as a fact that 95% of the rebels fighting in Syria were
not Syrian!! Now if such a thing were found to be true, then I would
immediately re-evaluate my positions and would stop calling the conflict a
"revolution" but rather a "foreign invasion." But of course that "fact"
proved to be totally unsourced, or to be blunt, a lie. And he had to admit
that the claim was inaccurate and it was removed from the flier (which was
posted on the web). But do you think that, after realizing that they had
been basing their position on a totally incorrect perception of the Syrian
conflict, they went back to reconsider the position that had been
(supposedly) derived from such misinformation? Hell no! IT DIDN'T EVEN
MATTER! The outlandish information was removed from the flier with
absolutely no change in the flier's conclusions.

If you go to the list archives and enter the name of Eli Stephens, you
will find repeated examples of claims to the effect that:
1) That the conflict in Syria was (more or less) instigated by Western
2) That Western imperialists have been arming Syrian rebels.
3) That the imperialists are preparing to send arms to the rebels and to
intervene directly (never mind that putting this in the future tense
contradicts #2!).
4) That Syrian revolutionaries and their international supporters are
intentionally acting in the interests of imperialism which (for some vague
reasons) has always wanted to get rid of the Assad regime.

It is because these misconceptions have been repeatedly answered, but are
repeated again and again, that it is tiresome and redundant for them to be
refuted over and over. But I'll mention one thing. There probably WILL be
an imperialist intervention in Syria, at which point these geniuses will
cry out "We always told you so!!" But they'll be wrong of course, because
someone who always cries "wolf" is not vindicated when a wolf finally
comes along 2 years later. And what's more, the Western intervention will
not be for the purpose of insuring the revolution's victory, but for
determining who runs the subsequent government. And insuring that Assad's
chemical weapons and certain advanced weapons (such as anti-aircraft
missiles) do not "fall into the wrong hands" as they put it (proving that
they don't consider the blood-drenched hands of al-Assad to be the wrong

- Jeff

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