[Marxism] Hezbollah’s Plunge Into The Syrian Abyss - By Randa Slim | The Middle East Channel

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 28 13:42:31 MDT 2013

Syria is a different fight than the ones in which Hezbollah and its 
constituents have engaged in the past. Hezbollah is fighting people who 
are defending their villages and families -- a position it knows well 
since it is the same position Hezbollah was in when it was fighting the 
Israelis in the 1990s and in 2006. It is a new type of war for Hezbollah 
and it is still not clear how Hezbollah, its fighters, and their 
families will be affected by it. As a result, it is hard to ascertain 
the Shiite community's endurance threshold. How many deaths will it take 
before people start asking questions whether this has been a just war? 
When will the first mother in black who has already lost one son 
fighting in Qusair refuse to send her second and third sons to fight in 
Rif Dimashq? Time will tell.


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