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Well, if we knew exactly what to do next, I'm sure all of us would be doing
it, no? If Cannon knew it so well, why didn't he? That's not really much of
a counterargument, to be honest. I take Kliman c.s. as making the point
that too much of the left has been arguing the crisis now, and the more
long term trends since the 1970s, are the fault of mismanagement of the
capitalist economy, or the greed of bankers, or a ruling class assault, or
atomization of neoliberalism, or god knows what else. But few people are
willing to say: it's capitalism working as intended. If the argument is
first and foremost seen as, in Kliman's words, "the failure of capitalist
production" *inherently*, it's a different kind of political narrative than
saying "it's a failure of regulation" or "a failure of union organizing" or
what have you.

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> On 5/28/13 6:56 PM, MAK wrote:
>> So am I, actually. But my argument against distributionism is not that any
>> reforms whatever are useless, but that failing to make the argument one
>> against capitalism, rather than a particular form of capitalism, is wrong.
>> We should not deceive people.
>> - Matthijs Krul
> I see. People should go out and fight "capitalism". I have left Trotskyism
> in the dust decades ago but I remain fond of James P. Cannon's observation
> that the art of politics consists of knowing what to do next.
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