[Marxism] Another review of Heinrich

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Tue May 28 17:52:30 MDT 2013

There may be no necessary difference between what Louis says and what MAK says. I have been a teacher for 45 years now. In every class, in every imaginable venue, I have made the argument that capitalism itself gives rise to human and environmental degradation of all kinds. But that is an argument you hope will take at some point in people's lives. But we live in the here and now, so we tried when I worked on a campus to help the custodians and groundskeepers and librarians and teachers form unions and to organize ourselves into unions. If I wanted someone to cast of vote for a union or to get people to agree that we should try to make the college operate more democratically, it wouldn't be too useful to point to capitalism as the root cause of whatever evil we were trying to address. Everything depends on circumstances I think. What does Kliman do at Pace College where he works? On NYC where he lives? I don't know. Maybe what we need to do is struggle for things that benefit the masses of workers, peasants, what have you, and do what we can in terms of education to promote a way of thinking that is radical, so that people have a way to interpret what is happening to them. 		 	   		  

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