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Very true and Ho sold out the revolution by agreeing to the French re-entry 
 into IndoChina and the French communist Party ministers were the ones who  
ordered the troops back in. Stalin had decreed that Vietnam would remain 
part of  the French Empire and that peaceful co-existence was the norm for the 
future  between the capitalist states and the Soviet Union. This was 
reflected in the  CPUSA pushing in their unions for an extension of the wartime NO 
STRIKE pledge.  This really undercut their base in the unions in the US. 
Ho murdered hundreds of Trotskyists in Saigon when they called for a joint  
mass meeting. They did this with and in support of the British, so one 
cannot  let the Brits off the hook too much either. Randy
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Clayborne  wrote: "Most importantly, I would like to take this opportunity
to remind  everyone that a revolutionary who is unwilling to make use  of
contradictions among the imperialists and make  such
"*   that will benefit the revolution is not a real revolutionary."
Who the fuck  appointed you to decide who's a revolutionary, you Stalinist
When  Prunier, the guy in the pic between Ho and Giap, died in April I  
something to the list acknowledging the difficulty of this issue, and  how
hard it was to begrudge Giap weapons from anywhere, knowing what good  use
he put them to militarily.
Militarily, not politically. Throughout  the period Clayborne writes about,
the Trotskyists were building a working  class base on a working class
program that could have meant victory for the  revolution. Instead that
reformist Ho murdered them, made deals with all  the imperialist powers,
meaning delay of independence for years, and set in  motion a bureaucratic
leadership which has given the country back to  imperialism.

Of course Clayborne can't be bothered to mention any of  that.
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