[Marxism] Double standards on cluster bombs

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 29 07:22:54 MDT 2013


US uses cluster bombs to spread death and destruction in Iraq
By Henry Michaels
5 April 2003

“Weapons of mass destruction” have truly been unleashed in Iraq: 
new-generation cluster munitions are being used by US and British forces 
to massacre and terrorise the Iraqi population. Not a single Iraqi 
bio-chemical weapon has been witnessed, but the “liberators” have 
already resorted to weapons notorious for their vast and indiscriminate 
destruction of human life.

After days of denials or refusals to comment, American and British 
government leaders and military commanders have admitted that 
high-flying bomber squadrons have dropped cluster bombs, which are 
designed to kill and maim thousands of people at a time. There is clear 
evidence that cluster weapons are also being fired from jet fighters, 
tanks, artillery and off-shore missile launchers.

Gruesome pictures and footage of the mutilated bodies of Iraqi children 
and other innocents—images that the Western media has largely refused to 
show—reveal the bloody face of the “liberation” that Washington and 
London have in mind for the Iraqi people. These methods of warfare are a 
warning of the reprisals and repression that will follow any military 


But nothing from them about al-Assad who uses both chemical weapons and 
cluster bombs.


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