[Marxism] Statement: Refusing to Accept Sexism

Dan R proletariandan at gmail.com
Fri May 31 12:27:50 MDT 2013

I really think your charming personality is what brings the boys to the
yard, Louis. Good luck with any other gender identities.

I'm glad there were at least a couple of folks who have the ability to see
that this debate is about more than the word 'tits.' Your and CP's mutual
disinterest or inability to engage in a discussion about how to fight
sexism is more surprising and disappointing than the predictable, tired out
pot-shots at the ISO and anyone who dares defend or agree with us.

Pathetic, really.

By the time I joined the ISO a few years ago you'd won me to what I thought
was a principled 'anti-sectarianism' - looking hopefully to the NPA, et al
- but which now seems just as dry and dogmatic as any sect. Marxmail was
the first place I engaged in or witnessed discussions between other
Marxists, so I've stuck around out of a certain loyalty and nostalgia but
these days have far better things to do with my time. Facebook activism is
more work than it seems, you know.

Don't expect to see me reading the archives.

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