[Marxism] Statement: Refusing to Accept Sexism

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For those not fluent in hypertext markup language, the Greek word is:
Βατραχομυομαχία. For those not fluent in Greek (as I am not), I can't help
you! And for those of us concerned with jobs, saving our earned benefits,
the right to organize and strike, and redirecting federal money from war to
human needs, all I can say is, if you want to talk about Angelina Jolie's
decision in terms of the health care "system" and fighting for a true
single-payer national health plan, that could be a good discussion.
Otherwise, don't waste our time. ~Tom

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> CP's mutual disinterest or inability to engage in a discussion about 
> how to fight sexism is more surprising and disappointing than the 
> predictable, tired out pot-shots at the ISO

The Greeks had a word for it:

> and anyone who dares defend or agree with us.

'Dares' is good. Like all those Quadrangle Club desperadoes who signed the
communique passed along (in extenso!) earlier today.

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